The Great State of Maine Activity Book

The Great State of Maine Activity Book, revised
by Jane Petrlik Smolik
Pice: $14.95
96 pages; Paperback         Ages 7-12
ISBN-13: 978-0-9664095-9-8
Original puzzles that explore Maine's history, geography,
and culture.  This is the first in what has become a
series of state puzzle books written by a mother on a
mission.  When the author was looking for a fun,
educational puzzle book that would teach her children
about her beloved home state of Maine, all she could
find were mass produced books that could have been
authored by anyone with an encyclopedia and a computer.
Not good enough.  And so began these charming, content
rich books. Kids explore Augusta, Bar Harbor, and Freeport.
They learn about The "Downeaster", puffins, moose, lobsters,
our majestic mountains and Moosehead and Sebago                           ORDER NOW
Lakes. They hone their mapping skills and read about
some famous Mainers. The Wild Blueberries Word Search is
followed by easy recipes for Blue Witch's Brew and Blueberry

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
"If you live in Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Maine or will be vacationing there or simply want to expand your child's knowledge about the United States, these puzzle and activity books are a great place to start.  While each book was designed by the same author, and each includes a myriad of puzzles, that is where the similarites end. Also included are many, many tidbits of useful information about each state that even adults would find interesting.  For instance, did you know that Maine is the largest producer of wild blueberries in the world?  If you read The Great State of Maine Activity Book, you would. The biggest drawback I can see to these interesting and thoughtfully designed books is that only three states are currently represented.  Hopefully, the author will continue to expand her offerings until all 50 states are represented!"