The Great Connecticut Puzzle Book

The Great Connecticut Puzzle Book
by Jane Petrlik Smolik
Price: $12.95
Paperback, 92 pages   Ages: 7-12
ISBN-13: 978-0-9824397-2-2
Through dozens of original puzzles, kids learn about
the Thimble Islands, Long Island Sound, Nathan Hale,
America's first cookbook, Noah Webster, Mystic Seaport,
nutmeg recipes and many of Connecticut's famous
philanthropists and storytellers. This lively workbook
weaves history, geography and culture as well as legends
and even some local recipes into crossword puzzles, mazes,
word searches, criss crosses and logic games.


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The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, June 2006
"If you live in Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Maine or will be vacationing there or simply want to expand your child's knowledge about the United States, these puzzle and activity books are a great place to start.  While each book was designed by the same author, and each includes a myriad of puzzles, that is where the similarities end. In additon to the puzzles, pages of state trivia and stories and maps, each book also has a page of recipes featuring an item that the state is known for. The biggest drawback I can see to these interesting and thoughtfully designed books is that only three states are currently represented.  Hopefully, the author will continue to expand her offerings until all 50 states are represented!"

Connecticut County Kids, 2006
"This is the perfect combination of education and entertainment for children.  Illustrated with inviting line drawings, the collection includes every classic puzzle form and logic prolems, too.  Kids will enjoy learning fun facts about where they live and will gain a better understanding of their geographical location.  This book is wonderful."